Massage Therapy

Reasons to Get Massage Therapy

Who would not mind lying on a comfortable, soft massage bed in the flickering, soothing light of candles? Inhale and breathe in that fresh air that has been infused with lavender.

Does this not sound like the ideal way to end a stressful day? Sign us up! However, according to you may be surprised to note that mental relaxation and peace is not the only objective of a massage. There are several medical properties attached to massage therapy and can prove extremely beneficial for your health.

Ancient history has been a witness to the effects of such touch-based healing practices. Both Western and Eastern societies discovered that massages can alleviate the pain of injuries, cure sicknesses and help individual de-stress.

Ranging from the Ancient Greeks, French, Egyptians, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Hindu, Persian and Japanese, all such great civilizations have invested time and energies into researching different kinds of massage therapies. Their efforts resonate in the modern massage practices we see today.

The term “massage” has different connotations for different people. To the French, it means to “knead” the body in order to sooth it. Their conviction was that if a specific amount of pressure and friction was given to affected portions of the body, it would divide scar tissue, especially at the moment when the massage may not feel as comfortable.

We must thank the Ancient Chinese for their contributions to massage therapy as well. Pre-dynasty China crafted medical textbooks that shared massage techniques that can be utilized to treat normal physical pains and enhance the blood flow in the human body. Combined with other treatments such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga, it has demonstrated to ameliorate the general welfare of the individual being treated.

Massages also help built-up toxins release from your body that can be the basis of countless health related dilemmas. Check out the following benefits of massage therapy.

Decrease Blood Pressure

Long-term studies have discovered that frequent massages can reduce the level of blood pressure in one’s body. If you go for regular massages, the result can also be a decrease in the volume of cortisol present in your body. Hence, lower blood pressure will reduce the risk of heart disease, kidney failure and other such serious problems.

Less Chronic Pain

Victims of chronic pain tend to seek relief through massage related treatments. Such therapies help improve an individual’s serotonin quantity that diminishes pain through its natural process. Approximately thirty-five percent of treated patients have reported significant positive differences in sicknesses related to soreness, injuries, stiffness and other such chronic health issues.

The healing touch of massages facilitates muscle relaxation and eases joint rigidity. It helps to ameliorate one’s innate flexibility as well. By also promoting blood circulation to the adversely impacted body regions, it assists in the release of nutrients and oxygen within the damaged tissues.

Better Circulation

The advantages of massage therapy in the long term must be given its due credit. Stronger blood circulation is what your body will benefit from as a result of getting regular massages.

The reason behind this is that massages increase the blood flow to the damaged tissues that require more to heal. With the massage therapist’s hand’s applying pressure to direct the flow of blood to all impacted regions of the body, it also helps remove any lactic acid from muscle tissues.

Due to this, metabolic waste which is stored in internal organs will move away as the overall lymph fluid circulation will increase. As a result, you can enjoy lower blood pressure and better health.

Empower Your Immune System

Working a high stress job with tight deadlines and extreme pressure? Don’t know where to turn? Do not worry, we have the answer: you guessed it, massage therapy!

It is a common known fact that people who are stressed out suffer from high blood pressure, migraines, a lack of appetite and what not that has an adverse impact on their health in the long run. If the person in question suffers from insomnia as well, it will have a serious effect on his immune system.

The body’s innate competency to safeguard its health against pathogens, infections, and bacteria will be decreased. Are you wondering how a massage can help prevent or treat this? Well, it is quite simple and straightforward actually. Research has illustrated that frequent massage therapy decreases stress and strengthens one’s immune system’s cytotoxic activity.

The latter refers to your body’s inner cells that protect it against diseases. Massages also help increase your rate of metabolism. If you work out regularly and have a strong fitness regime, the massage will compliment that beautifully and help you accomplish better results.

Solid Posture

Countless inhabitants within the United Kingdom suffer from severe neck, back and muscle pain and often don’t know the cause behind the pain. You maybe surprised to learn that it is usually due to poor posture.

Chronic back pain is the principal cause of employee taking sick leaves. As they don’t sit straight or upright, it causes the back to suffer. And if one is overweight or obese, it only worsens the situation by adding additional strain on the back. The outcome will create back spasms, possible injuries, and cause tension in the glutes, back, hips, legs and neck.

Do not do this to yourself. Go and do yourself a favour by booking a massage as it can help you straighten your body. As you may know quite well by know that massages loosen your muscles and relax your body.

It will help alleviate those tightened muscles and allow the body to align itself into a straighter position as it heals. Getting a massage will improve your muscle’s flexibility and give your joints more elasticity to move freely. Pressure points will feel relief and your muscles will be able to achieve a higher range of motion.

Allievate Anxiety and Depression

If delivered in a therapeutic and healing environment, the human touch can alleviate one’s depression and anxiety. As the relaxing environment uplift’s one spirits, it also automatically improves one’s mood.

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